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Now available for free


SnapRect (Snapshot Rectangle) is yet another screen capture app. But this one has some unique features and best of all it's free! For MacOS and Windows 7/10

Planned release in 2020

MyTunes 2

MyTunes 2 is an upcoming lightweight audioplayer with playlist, and ID3 tag editing for MacOS and Windows 7/10.

Planned release in 2020


DSLRcue is a upcoming MacOS app creating a storyboard for your music video and to capture the scenes using your DSLR camera. With the tool you generate scene cues timed with the audiofile and remotely control your DSLR camera to capture the video shots.

Planned release in 2020


BANDIT (BAND Information Technology) is an upcoming MacOS and Windows 7/10 app for your music group. Collect all your tabs, lyrics and distribute it to the group members during rehearsal or concerts. Playing with backtrack? - visualize the lyrics and chords syncronized to the backtrack. Control your equipment with OSC (Open Sound Control) and lightning with DMX.