BANDIT (BAND Information Technology) is an upcoming MacOS and Windows app for your music group. Collect song meta-data, tabs and lyrics and distribute it to the group members during rehearsal or concerts. Visualize lyrics and chords syncronized to backtrack. Control your equipment with OSC (Open Sound Control) and/or MIDI and light fixtures with DMX. Split audio using "state-of-the-art" AI technique into separate stems, transpose chords, pitch audio, slow down playback speed and much more to facilitate learning and become a better musician/band.


BANDIT originates from an application called RecoveryPlayer thats been used in the band RECOVERY for more than 10 years. The RecoveryPlayer app has been used don many gigs and has never failed.
Above a screenshot of BANDIT in lyrics view mode. Suitable if you are playing without a backtrack.

Above a screenshot of BANDIT in dark mode with many functions enabled to facilitate the rehearsal of a song. The playback is looped around the solo section of the song. The song is transposed two semitones up (original key) and the audio pitched to the same degree. The song is played at 70% speed and the pitched reference audio file is split into two separate stems to more easily learn the solo. The song guitar chords are showing. The user defined Command Grid is showing with commands to control external equipment. The toolbar is showing and the playlist is docked to the screen edge (not showing).

Above a screenshot of BANDIT in karaoke view mode. Suitable if you are playing along to a time-syncronized backtrack.

Above a screenshot of BANDIT Preferences. Many functions can be customized in BANDIT.

Above a screenshot of BANDIT Song Editor. Create song lyrics, tabs, and syncronize lyrics to a backtrack/reference audio file. Define MIDI (macOS), OSC to control equipment and DMX commands to control light fixtures when the song loads or time-syncronized to audio playback.